What we do

What we do


Winch Energy Ltd, founded in March 2016 and jointly owned by EREN Renewables and Winch Energy Partners Ltd, is a for-profit company, inducing win-win profitable and economically viable renewable energy solutions for off-grid, rural populations in Africa. 

Our approach is to offer a ‘three utilities’ solution, using our proprietary solution, the Remote Power Unit (RPU). The strategy is to provide electricity, electric water pumping and satellite connectivity.


24/7 power output.

Long expected life of +30 years with limited maintenance and servicing and remote monitoring and fault detection.

LCOE up to 60% below the cost of alternative diesel generation.

There are over 700 million people across Africa without access to power. By 2040, the population in the sub-continent is expected to nearly double and energy demand is predicted to grow by 80% per capita. 

Remote Power Unit

The RPU is a containerized PV and battery solution, which delivers reliable AC supply via a mini-grid to rural areas. 

The batteries guarantee a reliable power supply on a 24/7 basis, acting as a back up for night time and during adverse weather conditions.

The RPU is designed to become the communications epicentre for the rural community with the addition of satellite broadband and DSTV

The modular system allows to quickly meet growing demand. 

The RPU is scalable with three different models available: 7kW, 17kW, 30kW

Winch has selected a range of top tier, world-class suppliers for the manufacturing of the RPU, as well as equipment and service suppliers, such as SMA, Hoppecke, and Chint.

Each RPU can be assembled in 2-3 days and can be installed using local labor

The RPUs require no customisation as they are scalable and have standard sizing.

"The RPU has been specifically designed to overcome challenges associated with balancing demand and generation. It can also accommodate existing diesel generation as a back-up and can be connected to a wind turbine, combining this power generation with the solar array.”
– Rino Magazu, Chief Technology Officer

Remote Deployment Unit

Modelled on the RPU, the RDU comes without storage, which allows the installed capacity per unit to be upscale to 70kW. This provides a convenient and cost effective alternative to traditional ground mounted Solar PV, especially where customers require a short-term power purchase agreement.

Typical customers of the RDU will be mines, utilities and big industry looking to reduce energy costs but unable to enter into long term agreements.

Sparking a revolution in the global energy industry akin to the impact the mobile phone has had on telecommunication. 


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